ASTRO, Motor Yacht

Year 2010 (Refit 2019), Baia Yachts

31,00 m
7,34 m
1,60 m
Cruising 42 knots / Max 49 knots
4 ( 2 double cabins, 2 twin cabins - both with extra Pullman )
High season
61.500 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
54.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 10
We accept charges from
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Astro 31 meter motor yacht for charter with 4 cabins for 10 guests

Fast and reliable, this high-performance 31 m super yacht is the ultimate union of supreme craftsmanship and modern design. Built by Baia Yachts in 2010, Astro went through a recent refit in 2019 to provide charterers with the most contemporary comforts. With a cruising speed of 42 knots, she is a supreme choice for adventure-loving travelers who are used to the finer things in life. 
Awe-inspiring good looks, unparalleled engineering, and excellent craftsmanship team up to create an astonishing superyacht, ideal for both families and tight-knit friend groups yearning for unforgettable marine escapes. 
Clean aesthetics, gleaming white furnishings, and thoughtful choice of details are evident throughout her entire space. Her aft deck flaunts a pristine alabaster seating table overlooking the spacious salon that seamlessly blends into the exterior with abundant use of glass, allowing the space to flow freely. 
Her ultramodern indoor living area feels airy and soothing, with massive white sofas that allow guests to laze away and enjoy the bountiful surroundings. Designed by the renowned Carlo Galeazzi, Astro emphasizes the importance of marine vistas, acknowledging the presence of natural beauty through the generous use of glass. This is especially evident in the main salon, where guests can spend evenings lounging and marveling at starry skies even indoors.
Her masterfully designed flybridge boasts two seating tables facing each other, adjacent to the ample sunbathing areas complete with pearly sun pads with optional shade.
The master suite is located at the lower deck and is a creatively lit oasis for restful nights at anchor, with plentiful mirrors on ceilings and walls to provide an even more spacious atmosphere. A work desk and lounging are also found in the master, where guests can do so much more than merely sleep. Her artfully furbished VIP suite features creamy hues and abundant use of natural material that simply ooze glamour. Two twin rooms offer supreme comfort, and all cabins are equipped with chic en suite bathrooms. 
Astro is capable of carrying 5 crew members on board to ensure guests are pampered and cared for throughout their journey. An array of water toys is provided by the yacht for her charter guests to enjoy many hours of various sea activities. 

Water Toys

  • Tender Williams 445
  • 1x Wave Runner Seadoo Spark 2 seats 110hp
  • 1x Stand Up Jetski Yamaha Superjet 
  • 1x Jet Surf Factory GP
  • 2x Seabobs FS5
  • Paddle Board
  • Wakeboard
  • Water Ski
  • Skate Wakeboard
  • Donuts
  • Snorkeling Gear for adults and Children
  • Inflatable dock 

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Price from (per week)
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1999 | Sanlorenzo | 30 m
49.000 €
Price from (per week)

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