HARMONY I, Motor Yacht

Year 2002 (Refit 2018), Horizon Yachts

32,00 m
7,00 m
2,11 m
Cruising 13 knots / Max 21 knots
3 double cabins, 1 twin cabin, 1 single cabin
High season
55.000 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
47.000 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 12 + PAX night 9
We accept charges from
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Harmony I 32 meter motor yacht for charter with 5 cabins for 9 guests

One of the most established superyachts available for charter in the Balearics, Harmony I is a ravishing example of optimal performances, refined timeless aesthetics, and superior craftsmanship. A masterpiece of the Horizon Yachts shipyards, this 32m marine beauty boasts ample room for cruising with all the comforts of a floating villa with unparalleled reliability and irresistible decor.
Enjoy mouthwatering lunches of fresh seafood on the elegant seating table found on the aft deck, or climb to the sundeck to sip on your favorite rose while absorbing endless azure vistas of most coveted destinations. Navy palette evokes images of French Riviera’s hayday, with a large sunbathing area luring you to succumb to the soothing rays of the morning sun. Adjacent to the cockpit, a marvelous dining area will be ideal for unforgettable moments of bonding with your loved ones, while overlooking the panoramic views. 
The beautiful salon of Harmony I invites you to practice your chess moves or surrender to dolce far niente in the extravagantly furnished environment. Laze away watching your favorite movies on the creamy beige sofas or host a dinner in the sophisticated dining area, easily rivaling the ambiance of the most upscale port town restaurants. 
For some unforgettable marine adventures, you can choose between a plethora of thrill-inducing water toys provided on board Harmony I. Immerse yourself in the exploration of lush underwater life by snorkeling in the pristine seas or use a sea bob for an adrenaline boost - the choice is all yours. Little ones will love the anti-jelly fish swimming pool that can be attached to the wide swimming platform. 
As the sun sets and you feel like catching up on some much-needed beauty sleep, choose between 3 double staterooms, a twin cabin or a single cabin. Harmony I flaunts a mesmerizing master suite with a hint of opulence, where you can enjoy relaxing moments spent unwinding or catching up with work on the work desk found nearby. Take a few steps downstairs, to find an ensuite bathroom with a shower and jacuzzi, that can serve as your private soothing sanctuary. A VIP suite matches its glamour, while all cabins are equipped with ensuite facilities and accommodate a total of 9 guests. 
To guarantee the ultimate pampering experience, 5 expert crew members are on board and will help you experience the most azure cruise on the striking Harmony I

Water Toys 

  • Tender 4m AB Centre console with 60hp 
  • Yamaha VX Deluxe 3 Seat Jet Ski 
  • Seabob F5s
  • 1 X 2-Person inflatable Kayak 
  • Waterskis
  • Wakeboard
  • Snorkeling Equipment 
  • 2 X Stand Up Paddle boards 
  • 1 X Kneeboard
  • Anti Jelly Fish Pool 

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Price from (per week)

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