Fantastic yachts for charter in Mallorca

Selection of boats and yachts to rent in Mallorca by SNS Yacht Charter

All of the yachts for charter that we offer meet the highest standards of the yachting industry. A professional and attentive crew will make sure that your yacht charter holiday will be unforgettable and if you are looking for some real gourmet treasures, let's find a luxury charter yacht with a fantastic chef for you. Most charter yachts come with a selection of great water toys, let us know which ones are important for you so we can make sure that these are available. Luxury Yacht Charter Holidays in Mallorca are on the rise, and even more so, after just having been chosen as one of the most popular luxury holiday destinations once again. Let us find the perfect charter yacht for you and arrange your holidays from A-Z, all personalized to your wishes. 

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9399_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-1SNS412-00.jpg 9405_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-2SNS412-01.jpg 9403_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-13SNS412-02.jpg 9402_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-12SNS412-03.jpg 9410_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-7SNS412-04.jpg 9411_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-8SNS412-05.jpg 9404_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-14SNS412-06.jpg 9401_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-11SNS412-07.jpg 9400_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-10SNS412-08.jpg 9412_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-9SNS412-09.jpg 9407_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-4SNS412-10.jpg 9408_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-5SNS412-11.jpg 9409_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-6SNS412-12.jpg 9406_catamaran-kings-ransom-for-charter-3SNS412-13.jpg
2008 | Matrix Yachts | 23 m
34.000 €
Price from (per week)
8287_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-23SNS159-00.jpg 8296_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-33SNS159-01.jpg 8286_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-22SNS159-02.jpg 8278_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-15SNS159-03.jpg 8284_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-20SNS159-04.jpg 8279_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-16SNS159-05.jpg 8293_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-29SNS159-06.jpg 8291_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-27SNS159-07.jpg 8277_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-13SNS159-08.jpg 8276_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-12SNS159-09.jpg 8295_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-31SNS159-10.jpg 8282_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-19SNS159-11.jpg 8281_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-18SNS159-12.jpg 8274_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-10SNS159-13.jpg 8275_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-11SNS159-14.jpg 8292_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-28SNS159-15.jpg 8290_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-26SNS159-16.jpg 8273_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-1SNS159-17.jpg 8283_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-2SNS159-18.jpg 8289_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-25SNS159-19.jpg 8294_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-3SNS159-20.jpg 8297_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-4SNS159-21.jpg 8298_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-5SNS159-22.jpg 8299_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-6SNS159-23.jpg 8300_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-7SNS159-24.jpg 8301_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-8SNS159-25.jpg 8302_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-9SNS159-26.jpg 8285_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-21SNS159-27.jpg 8288_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-24SNS159-28.jpg 8280_sunreef-catamaran-sunbreeze-for-charter-in-mallorca-17SNS159-29.jpg
2021 | Sunreef | 18 m
37.500 €
Price from (per week)
11640_silent-dream_drone_22SNS491-00.jpg 11621_silent-dream-exteriors_7SNS491-01.jpg 11635_silent-dream-interiors_8SNS491-02.jpg 11625_silent-dream-interiors_11SNS491-03.jpg 11634_silent-dream-interiors_7SNS491-04.jpg 11636_silent-dream-interiors_9SNS491-05.jpg 11628_silent-dream-interiors_14SNS491-06.jpg 11624_silent-dream-interiors_1SNS491-07.jpg 11626_silent-dream-interiors_12SNS491-08.jpg 11633_silent-dream-interiors_6SNS491-09.jpg 11631_silent-dream-interiors_4SNS491-10.jpg 11632_silent-dream-interiors_5SNS491-11.jpg 11627_silent-dream-interiors_13SNS491-12.jpg 11630_silent-dream-interiors_3SNS491-13.jpg 11629_silent-dream-interiors_2SNS491-14.jpg 11620_silent-dream-exteriors_6SNS491-15.jpg 11623_silent-dream-exteriors_9SNS491-16.jpg 11618_silent-dream-exteriors_4SNS491-17.jpg 11616_silent-dream-exteriors_2SNS491-18.jpg 11619_silent-dream-exteriors_5SNS491-19.jpg 11610_silent-dream-exteriors_1SNS491-20.jpg 11614_silent-dream-exteriors_14SNS491-21.jpg 11612_silent-dream-exteriors_12SNS491-22.jpg 11613_silent-dream-exteriors_13SNS491-23.jpg 11611_silent-dream-exteriors_10SNS491-24.jpg 11622_silent-dream-exteriors_8SNS491-25.jpg 11615_silent-dream-exteriors_15SNS491-26.jpg 11617_silent-dream-exteriors_3SNS491-27.jpg 11637_silent-dream_drone_11SNS491-28.jpg 11639_silent-dream_drone_18SNS491-29.jpg 11638_silent-dream_drone_12SNS491-30.jpg
2021 | Silent Yachts | 18 m
22.750 €
Price from (per week)
10821_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-1SNS462-00.jpg 10825_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-5SNS462-01.jpg 10824_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-4SNS462-02.jpg 10822_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-2SNS462-03.jpg 10823_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-3SNS462-04.jpg 10826_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-6SNS462-05.jpg 10827_araok-catamaran-for-charter-with-crew-7SNS462-06.jpg
2018 | Fountaine Pajot | 18 m
24.000 €
Price from (per week)

Why chartering a yacht in Mallorca is such a great idea

Your boat rental in Mallorca

While all year round you live a busy life, a few times a year, it is important to kick off your shoes and just lean back and relax. What better way doing so, then on a luxury charter yacht in Mallorca. There are so many fantastic yachts for charter in Mallorca and we show you just a few of them on our website.

Thanks to our local presence, we have access to the best yachts in and around Mallorca – so should your dream yacht not be listed here, test us, let us find the perfect yacht for you. Chartering a yacht in Mallorca will offer you a huge variety of options, fantastic itineraries can be created. Depending on the length of your yacht charter, you can either cruise around the island, or make a mix of the Balearic treasures and also visit sister islands Ibiza, Formentera or Menorca. The options are endless.

From the moment you step on board your yacht, you decide what you would like to do and how you would like to spend your days. Active and full of action or simply relax and not doing much at all. Or even better. A mixture of both.

Chartering a yacht will provide all of your loved ones huge fun. You will find a great selection of water toys on most of them, and now worries, should your desired water toys not be on board, we can always arrange these for you and have them delivered to your charter yacht.

But not only will you find a great selection of water toys on board, you will also experience fantastic service from your crew and get spoilt with mouth-watering dishes from your chef. Make sure to give us as many details as possible before you embark, the more information your crew has about you and your guests, the better they can prepare for your stay. It is important to know if there is anyone travelling with allergies to any food or ingredients for example.

Don’t forget that a private yacht charter this is the absolute best way of getting pampered and taken care of to the highest standards, and above all, it is a tailor made and bespoke holiday just for you!

Just imagine your next yacht charter holiday around a wonderful island like Mallorca, being able to easily move around, see new places every day, discovering and exploring the beauty of this island. Your Captain will make sure to show you the most idyllic places of Mallorca and that you will absolutely fall in love with the idea of chartering a yacht again and again.

Let the Captain know which places you would love to visit, he will prepare an itinerary according to the weather conditions and how the sea behaves. Trust him to make your stay on board as comfortable as possible.

By the way, should anyone of the group be prone to feel a bit unwell on the sea, we suggest you choose a yacht with stabilizers. Stabilizers guarantee a smoother cruising both underway and at anchor.

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