Year 2021, Silent Yachts

17,99 m
8,99 m
0,90 m
Cruising 4 knots / Max 7 knots
3 double cabins
High season
26.250 €
Price from (per week)
Low season
22.750 €
Price from (per week)
PAX day 6 + PAX night 6
We accept charges from
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Silent Dream 18 meter Catamaran for charter with 3 cabins for 6 guests

A superyacht that sets new standards on all fronts: Silent Dream is the most environmentally friendly addition on the current charter market. She is completely electrically operated and allows travellers to enjoy the highest standards of marine living with utmost love and devotion to nature. Thanks to the cutting-edge solar power production, travellers will be able to have all the conveniences of the modern day, without doing any damage to the aquatic world. The aesthetics of this magnificent catamaran will win over the most discerning charterers - her spacious cabins, inviting salon, and outdoor decks are sleek and modern, while oozing an inviting atmosphere. 
Silent Dream was made for those with a true passion for the sea - not only is she completely eco- friendly, she also comes with the ultimate outdoor decks for admiring the beauty of Mallorca, where she is based. The social hub of this trendsetting catamaran is the sundeck, where guests will find an alfresco dining table and tanning areas. The area is mercifully shaded by a bimini so that while enjoying panoramic views of the Balearic coves, you don’t have to worry about the harmful UV rays. The aft deck is almost like an outdoor living room, but one that gives you quick access to the azure indescribable so that you can hop in and out of the water before returning to your morning shot of espresso. Silent Dream also has lots of storage for water toys: add some thrill into your island-hopping by testing out the kayaks and SUPs!
Silent Dream has 3 double cabins for an entourage of 6, each with a stylish ensuite bathroom where guests can wash off the salt after hours of swimming in Europe’s most coveted beaches. Thanks to the wide 9m beam, the cabins on Silent Dream offer ample space for peaceful nights at anchor. The master suite is the largest, and has a king size bed, vanity table, and is drenched by natural light. Soft beige shades, light woods, and discrete lighting create a soothing feel for relaxing evenings. The modern aesthetic recipe is consistent throughout the interior of this stylish catamaran, and the two remaining cabins are no exception. Thanks to the huge window located right by the double bed, guests will be pleased to wake up to a new blue horizon each morning! The ensuites are elegant and large, with the latest amenities that will impress all charterers.

Water Toys

  • Electric tender boat*
  • 4 x inflatable paddle boards
  • 1 x inflatable kayak
  • 8 x sets of snorkeling equipment
  • 2 x sea scooters ( not seabobs )
  • Hydraulic bathing platform
*Engine performance max. 15 kW - Range at a speed of 4 knots approx. 4 hours, at a speed of 10 knots approx. 1 hour. The tender boat’s capacity is max. 6 persons or 500 kg (1,000 pounds)

Audio Visual Equipment and Deck Facilities

Sonos music system
Accessible from every cabin via Sonos-app
Note: Streaming music outside of the LTE network is not possible. It is recommended to bring your own music offline on your smartphone or tablet.
Extendable 55“ Samsung TV
It is possible to stream from your own smartphone or hard drive to the TV
Note: There is no TV reception on board. It is only possible to stream videos from your own devices via HDMI cable. If you wish to do so, please bring a HDMI cable with you
Spacious sundeck areas in the stern, on the flybridge, the bow, and by the side windows. Depending on the sun’s position, you will always find a shady place.

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