Here is a collection of frequently asked questions for your review. When it comes to choosing and booking your charter yacht, it's important for you to feel safe. Do not hesitate to contact us should any of your questions go unanswered! Making your yacht charter experience as smooth and transparent as possible is our top priority.


  1. Why should I choose a yacht charter broker?

    The most important part of chartering a yacht is to select the right charter broker once you have made the decision to do so. Personal relationships play an important role in  the process of booking your yacht charter holiday. In order for your yacht charter holidays to be successful, your charter broker will play a key role.

    Choosing a charter broker with whom you can communicate in a friendly and open manner is essential. You will benefit from a more customized and detailed holiday experience if your charter broker gets to know you better.

    A long-standing relationship between charter brokers and their clients ensures that guests have a perfect stay aboard, and that the crew is aware of any preferences, likes, and dislikes before they even step aboard.

    All negotiations and preparations will be handled by your charter broker, including but not limited to contracts, payments, restaurant reservations, transfers, on-land excursions, etc.

    SNS Yacht Charter's highest priority is taking care of your yacht charter holidays - our years of experience enable us to prepare everything in detail and ensure that all of your requirements are met.

  2. What does my Charter Rate include and what is APA?

    Charter rates include crew wages, uniforms, insurance, equipment on board, linen and towels, regular changes and cleaning, consumables, and cleaning materials for the yacht's maintenance. VAT and expenses, also known as APA, are charged separately, depending on the country. Regardless of whether you're booking your charter as an individual or as a company, VAT always gets charged in the country of embarkation. It's a frequently asked question, but unfortunately, you can't avoid it. APAs are calculated on the base charter rate and are usually around 30 - 40%, depending on the type of yacht. The Advanced Provisioning Allowance is given to the Captain a few weeks before the charter starts so the crew can prepare  the yacht according to your peferences. 

    Your captain will keep an overview of your yacht charter expenses, and you can ask him to see them anytime. You can also ask your charter broker to handle this for you if you don't want to worry about it during your vacation. You can expect to pay the following expenses out of your APA, but not limited to Food and Beverages, Mooring costs, charges for water, electricity, agent handling (if applicable), fuel, and hire of additional equipment at your request.

    Prior to disembarking, the Captain will sit with you to go through your accounts. In the event of a shortfall, a top-up payment will have to be made either by bank transfer, credit card payment, or in cash. Again, should you prefer not to worry about this yourself, ask your dedicated yacht charter broker to do this for you. If there is any APA left over in your favour, this of course, gets reimbursed to you straight after the charter. 

  3. When do I have to do the payments and what type of contract is used?

    Payments are typically made in the following manner:

    A 50% deposit is due upon signing of the contract and a 50% balance, plus VAT and APA, is due one month prior to embarkation. If you book your charter less than one month prior to your departure, you will usually be required to pay the full amount upon signing the contract.

    The charter contract, which will be prepared by your charter broker, include details such as dates, owners' information, yacht registration information, ports of embarkation and disembarkation, rates, etc. Usually, a MYBA charter agreement is used as the charter agreement. 

    In this contract, which has been drafted by experienced maritime lawyers, both yacht owners and charter guests will have peace of mind regarding a variety of topics and events.

    Payments will be kept on a Stakeholder account, which ensures that the funds are secure and will not be distributed until the charter is completed.

  4. Will the crew take care of my personal laundry?

    It really depends on a few different factors, like how many items are you expecting to be cleaned, is it a delicate material, the size of the yacht etc. Especially the size of the yacht matters a lot, as many of the smaller yachts, for example, outsource the complete laundry. In any case, talk to your lovely crew on board, ask them if you need anything to be cleaned and if they can't do it for you onboard, they will certainly take care of outsourcing it for you. 

  5. Is there a maximum of guests allowed on board?

    It is extremely important that you clarify and ask this question before booking a yacht, as it is different for every yacht. There are several factors to consider, including their licenses, insurance, etc. Even the largest charter yachts, unless they have a special licence/exception, are limited to 12 guests. In many cases, the yacht can carry up to 12 guests during the day, but may only be able to accommodate fewer overnight.

  6. What is the custom for crew tips at the end of a charter?

    There is a general custom associated with this, which is also stated in the contract. Crew members work extremely hard to ensure a perfect holiday for you, so if you are satisfied with their service, the food, the cleanliness, etc., in Europe, it is customary to leave around 10% of the base charter fee as a gratuity. Nevertheless, this is not an obligation and is entirely at your discretion. Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this matter personally!

  7. Is the berth included in the charter rate?

    Occasionally, the yacht's home berth is included in the rate, but once you leave it, any additional berths will be subject to APA charges. Ensure that you check with the broker before you book, especially if you plan to charter in Ibiza, where berth fees can be extremely high. Yachts based in Ibiza often include a berth in the rate, and therefore are more expensive than similar yachts in Mallorca. 

  8. Which water toys are included in the charter rate?

    Water toys are typically provided on most yachts, some more than others, so it is important to check before you book. In the event that you would like to have additional water toys during the course of your charter, but the yacht does not include this in the rate, we can arrange this for you without any difficulty. It should be noted, however, that jetski rentals are only available to those with the appropriate licenses and yachts with sufficient storage space for them. As for sea bobs, it is much easier and usually not a problem. 

  9. What steps does the crew take to prepare for my charter?

    After the contract has been completed and all details have been discussed, your charter broker will send you a Preference Sheet. We recommend that you pay as much attention to this document and that you fill in as many details as possible. You must keep in mind that this is one of the only tools available to the crew for preparing the yacht, meals, et cetera. It is beneficial for them to have as much information as possible. You should also inform them of any allergies or medical conditions you may have. 

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