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Gran Folies

If you feel like enjoying a cosmopolitan ambiance during your cruise in Andratx bay, make a stop to devote a full day to partying, dining, and sunbathing in one of the most glamorous beach clubs in the area. Gran Folies is a mecca for hedonists who flock to this oasis in search of refined summer pleasures. Located in the stunning Cala Llamp, this hotspot boasts 4 decades of tradition and is a connoisseur’s choice for relaxed entertainment in a glamorous setting. 

Tucked away on a spectacular cliff that lends idyllic views of the azure indescribable, Gran Folies is an iconic spot where the glitterati come to spend days tanning and lounging. 

Choose your favorite sunscreen lotion and laze around on large round or Bali beds while sipping on your favorite cocktail. Mojito or Caipirinha - the choice is all yours. 

When you want to go for a dip, you can head to the swimming pool or snorkel in the warm Mallorcan sea. For an even more privileged feel, you can choose the VIP or Premium area, with exclusive services perfect for days of pampering the long summer days. Pipe music, sweeping views, and secluded lounge zones are just part of the experience. 

The restaurant offers a large variety of mouthwatering meals that cater to different dietary requirements. The tofu pizza will enchant vegans tired of ordering sides, pad thai is a great pick for adventurous eaters, while a selection of fine Mediterranean cuisine deserves a Michelin star. Gluten-free options are readily available in abundance and all dishes are marked for potential allergens. 

Thanks to its mesmerizing setting, Gran Folies is a popular pick for celebrations, including wedding and corporate events. 

The zen garden is awe-inspiring and perfect for meditation while you’re soothed by the calming sound of sea waves hitting the shore. 

If you find yourself wanting to revisit this glossy seaside haven, but at the same time feel wanderlust luring you to discover other Balearic destinations, head to Calvia. You’ll find a smaller version of Gran Folies in Magaluf, where you can enjoy the same level of service and allure. The crystal clear waters and refreshing cocktails will allow you to spend another day spoiled rotten by the attentive staff and beautiful views. 

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