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Ponderosa Beach

A chill hotspot for relaxed days in the summer, Ponderosa Beach provides a privileged experience for the guest looking to have a taste of the real dolce vita. Surrounded by soft white sand and crystal clear seas, this chic beach club enjoys an iconic status and is something of an institution for the elites who flock here to wine and dine in a heavenly setting. 

Located in the Casetes des Capellans, or more specifically on the stunning Playa de Muro, this glossy beach club is a favorite among sun chasers that are only satisfied with the best. 

Pick your favorite sunscreen and let the good times begin. The love that goes into the creation of their dishes is more than obvious. If you follow any specific diets, there are vegan and gluten-free options to choose from. They specialise in risottos and paellas and the list of meals has something for everyone. Try the cuttlefish rice prepared with lobster broth or the free range chicken and rabbit. If you have a sweet tooth, the desert options will leave you satisfied. The pistachio sponge cake with rosemary cream, served with Majorcan Palo liqueur reduction, and cinnamon meringue ice cream is to die for!

To shave off the calories, you can enjoy a walk by the sea - Playa Del Muro is the longest one on the island with 6 km of sugarcane sand. 

Have a quick swimming session and then quench your thirst with one of their signature cocktails. The Ponderosa Spritz is a popular choice among visitors, although you’ll find traditional options too. The mocktails are great for the youngest visitors or when you’ve had one too many glasses to drink. 

The staff is super attentive and will make your stay here a very enjoyable one. 

During the day, the Ponderosa Beach is a pretty chill family friendly place and it even has a kids menu that little ones adore. As the sun sets, the atmosphere gets a little more heated and the music makes the atmosphere more intense. Some of the best DJs like Thomas Jackson, Pepe Link, and Andy Proctor played their sets here, turning this serene seaside restaurant into a sublime party destination. 

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