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For a day spent pampering and indulging in a glamorous setting, head to Puerto Portals and book the UM Beach House Portals. This luxurious oasis has a cosmopolitan vibe that attracts elites from all around the globe who return each summer to enjoy the chic decor and marvelous views 

Tremendous attention to detail was devoted to creating this hip concept. The bohemian yet upscale decor ties the best of modern trends with traditional Mallorcan style, and the atmosphere is further spiced up with beats played by exceptional DJs. Dance barefoot to the beats of Afro-house, tribal funk, nomad soul, and Afro Latin sets while acquiring a tan to last you through the summer. 

When all that dancing leaves you ready for a siesta, choose one of the swanky Bali beds and cheer with a glass of champagne. By the pool, you can order oysters and Veuve Cliquot and spend the day lounging in style. 

The endless cocktail list is spectacular as well - the attentive staff prepares signature drinks. The “Kate Moss” is a favorite among the regulars and is prepared with vodka vanilla, limoncello, passion fruit, tangerines, and cava. 

When you’re ready to enjoy a full meal, head to the restaurant area and choose one of the gastronomic dishes prepared with a twist. Slow-cooked codfish with aioli shavings and sautéed vegetables and the Angus sirloin steak with a warm sweet potato cream are to die for! You’ll find many gluten-free and vegan options on the list - who said you can’t enjoy a burger while sticking to a plant-based diet? Their veggie burger will quickly change your mind. Finish off with a white chocolate soup with Tonka bean ice-cream and then shave off the calories in the crystal clear sea. 

The wine list offers some of the best picks that will impress any aspiring sommelier and includes great roses to drink at sunset. 

If you have an important date coming up, you can book UM Beach House Portals for any corporate or private events and celebrate in this awe-inspiring environment cared for by a stellar team of professionals who we’ll ensure you spend an unforgettable time here. 

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