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A stunning island just south of the coast of Mallorca, Cabrera is a must-see during your cruise through the azure Balearics. Together with another 17 islands, it forms an archipelago with a modest size of just 19km2, but what it lacks in space, it certainly makes up for in beauty and richness of nature. 

The rugged landscapes, coupled with the deep blue colour of the seas, form a seductive backdrop best enjoyed from the privacy of your charter yacht. Apart from a few residents who take care of maintenance, Cabrera remains largely uninhabited. 

The archipelago was proclaimed a Maritime Terrestrial National Park in 1991 and is one of the most striking jewels of the Mediterranean. 

At first glance, the abundant nature seems like a simple summer oasis where aside from enjoying the environment, there isn’t much to do, but this enchanting island hides a rich history and enjoyed a status of a strategic point throughout centuries, with many monuments who proudly stand to witness its importance. 

Speleology lovers will enjoy a tour of the Blue Cave, often referred to as Cova Blava, which resembles a sapphire due to the afternoon sun rays that illuminate the grotto and create mesmerizing light and color effects. In the submerged area, you can see the sea sparkle in all shades of blue - don’t forget to charge your camera to snap a few shots of this spectacular sight.  

To soak in the cultural heritage of this gorgeous oasis, visit the numerous landmarks such as the Museum of Cabrera and the Ensiola lighthouse, dating back to 1864 when Emili Pou built it as a monument to the French, who were imprisoned here during the Napoleonic Wars. 

The iconic Fortress has a longstanding history that dates back to the 17th century, although a tower built here was first mentioned as early as 1410 - here you can learn about the island’s fight to defend itself from pirates, or about numerous rulers who wanted this piece of paradise as part of their empire.

The abundant flora and fauna make this dazzling archipelago ideal for bird watching - you will come across different species, such as the September Eleonras, Peregrine falcons, and possibly an Osprey, whose whirr adds to the captivating charisma of the island.

Several stunning beaches add to the overall allure of this Balearic gem - whether you prefer rocky bays or fine sand, Cabrera has a variety of swimming spots to cater to your taste, although when cruising on a luxurious yacht, any part of the sea can serve as your private beach. 

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