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Cala Figuera

A spectacular spot for yachtsmen looking to find an ideal base that abounds in beauty, unique charm, fairytale scenery and allows easy exploration of nearby destinations, Cala Figuera has so much to offer. 

This charming place looks almost surreal. The color of the water is a unique shade of electric turquoise. Fishermans houses adorn the coast and add a peculiar charisma to this irresistibly scenic port. The Y shaped coastline hides two long inlets, Caló d'en Boira and Caló d'en Busques, where many enjoy hiking and diving. 

This fishing port remains an authentic spot ideal for a relaxing vacation. While it doesn’t have its own sandy beach, the vicinity of numerous turquoise havens allows you to choose between several blue havens to enjoy beach time without dealing with too many tourist crowds. 

You will be surprised to see many charming houses without street access, using only jetties to get around. The traditional fishing boats, llaüts, are parked in front and await to provide the chic restaurants with their daily catch of seafood. This fisherman’s village is a hedonists mecca and boasts numerous eateries where you can succumb to the temptation of well prepared culinary delicacies paired with quality regional wine. 

The whitewashed houses with windows that match the color of the sea, glittery waters, and stunning surroundings make Cala Figuera very popular for painters and photography enthusiasts, often seen trying to capture the perfect shot of this enchanted harbor. 

If you’re in the mood for some recreation, go for a hike to soak in the marvelous scenery or walk to the famous Sa Torre d'en Beu watchtower that dates back to the 16th century. Back then, the town was often attacked by pirates, and this renaissance moment was built to inform inhabitants of the rising threat. If you’d like to polish up your diving skills, schedule a class at the nearby Cala Santanyí Diving School. A day of swimming and lazing around on a beach can be enjoyed at the Calo des Moro, a beach hidden in steep terracotta-colored cliffs with glittery water that will enchant all visitors. Cala Llombards and Platja de Santanyi are also excellent choices for variety!

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