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Cala Llombards

Beautifully tucked away in a gorgeous verdant bay, Cala Llombards is regarded as one of the prettiest beaches in the Mediteranean. Located in the Santanyi municipality, near the Es Llombards village, this cove was until recently, the best kept secret of Mallorca. Although it's 55 long, this small oasis goes nearly 150 m deep, almost like a cone shape. The transparent, glittery water is beautifully backdropped by pine trees and bushes that provide some shade, while the sand is so fine it resembles caster sugar. 

An ideal family to satisfy guests regardless of age has so much to offer. Families will enjoy the stillness of water that makes it a great place for inexperienced swimmers - maybe this could be the spot you teach you little ones to swim?

There are rarely any waves here, but the sea is incredibly translucid. Snorkel to discover the lush marine life - this aquamarine beach will leave you breathless. 

Tucked away and rather hidden, Cala Llombards never gets too occupied by tourists. It’s a rather relaxed beach, ideal for chill moments with family and friends. Young parents will sigh in relief to discover that this wild gem actually has all the necessary facilities that make traveling with little ones easier - showers, bathrooms, parasols, sunbeds, whatever you need. 

Fishermen's houses adorn the lines of this little oasis and contribute to its authentic charm. Sample fresh seafood catches at the only beach bar you'll find here, this unique bar has great snacks and creative cocktails that will quench your thirst during the hot summer days.

The beach doesn’t offer any organized sports or activities, you can use one of the numerous water toys your yacht is equipped with and even drop your anchor for an overnight stay. Some rocky outcroppings will make it an excellent spot for diving, while a walk along the unmarked cliff trails will lead you to discover Es Pontas, a huge rock that has through wear and tear evolved into a natural bridge that never seizes to amaze visitors. 

When you’re done swimming, but would like to explore the nearby area, the village of Es Llombards where you will discover a scenic setting for strolls or a few restaurants to savor the typical Spanish tapas. 

While you won't find any trendy restaurants here, head to the nearby Figuera and book a table at Restaurant Laudat, whose exceptional cuisine was even confirmed by the Michelin guide.

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