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Cala Torta

A beach that seduces with its striking scenery and wild nature, Cala Torta is situated on the northeast coast of Mallorca, just a stone throw away from the historic town of Arta. Surrounded by the untamed environment and verdant hills, this white sand oasis remains one of the most appealing destinations for sun worshippers seeking a place to kick back and relax during hot summer days. 

The translucent waters glimmer in all shades of blue, the fine-grained sand has that sugar cane quality many look for in an idyllic oasis, while the briny scent of salt in the air is a fragrance many want to bottle up and use as perfume after their vacation is over. 

Cala Torta is ideal for families who seek a tranquil bay to splash around with little ones, as the waves are never overwhelming, and there are shallow areas that won’t cause too much concern for parents who want to keep kids within eyes reach. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the waters tend to deepen quite abruptly.

For quick refreshments, you’ll find a single chiringuito where you can grab a quick drink or enjoy a delicious seafood course if all that swimming leaves you hungry. There are no other facilities on this azure bay - the main attraction of Cala Torta is its enchanting scenery. 

Although you won’t find organized sea sports here, you can always use one of the water toys offered by your charter yacht to enjoy some thrilling activities in the pure waves of this lovely Mallorcan gem.

Due to its somewhat remote location, the beach doesn’t get overcrowded even in peak season, allowing you to have zen-inducing moments or even a short siesta without being distracted by the overwhelming number of tourists that flock to some other bays. 

Just two kilometers away, the Cala Mesquida resort offers another opportunity for exploration and boasts almost equal beauty to spend time bronzing and relaxing during fun vacation days, while the Tuesday market in the town of art is definitely worth the trip if you’re looking to bring some souvenirs home. 

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