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Es Trenc

One of Europe’s most stunning beaches, Es Trenc allures visitors with pristine seas and soft, white sand that stretches over 2 km between Colònia de Sant Jordi and Sa Ràpita, beautifully backdropped by pinewoods. The song of cicadas is practically the soundtrack of this virgin paradise, creating a heavenly atmosphere for relaxing days at sea. 

Photos of Es Trenc are often mistaken for pearls of the Caribbean - this beach flaunts tropic turquoise waters and the finest alabaster sand that always lures visitors to return time and time again. 

The name of this oasis literally translates to “ravine” and her beauty doesn’t need much introduction. An ideal beach to simply enjoy being enchanted by the views, it doesn’t offer water sports, loud bars, or similar activities - the main attraction of Es Trenc is the untamed scenery. Best accessed by a private yacht, reaching this blue paradise can be quite tiresome otherwise - this beautiful beach is pretty secluded and proudly guards its charms against overcrowdedness. 

Make sure to charge your camera and snap a few shots to keep you warm in the cold winter months. Snorkeling or strolls along the dunes and waterslide are great ways to absorb the miraculous nature, while more curious visitors might find it interesting to check out the natural reserve and spot rare species while bird watching at the nearby sanctuary. 

Es Trenc is part of the Natural Area of Special Interest Es Trenc-Salobrar de Campos, and has a cult following that fought planned development for three decades, before finally winning in 2008 when construction of resort hotels was finally prohibited.

The pristine beach is still a simple chill paradise, where you’ll find younger crowds soaking in the sun rays and enjoying refreshing swims - you will be spared from the irritating music and hustle that most have grown accustomed to in other summer hotspots. Here, you’ll find an authentic Mallorcan slow-paced atmosphere, with a few chiringuitos where you can grab a few bites or a refreshing cocktail. 

To get some gifts as souvenirs, you can pay a visit to the Flor De Sal cafe and shop and buy organic, hand-harvested salts with a creative twist - try the orange and chili variety to add some sun to your dishes when you’re back home, while the lavender and lemon version can serve you for some DIY skincare projects as well. 

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