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Sa Calobra

Situated on the northwest of Mallorca, Sa Calobra is a picturesque village that attracts visitors with two incredible beaches and an unhurried Mediterranean atmosphere. Cala Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis, divided by river Gorge, are so enchanting many don’t mind taking the steep and complex land road to reach them - but from the comfort of your luxurious charter yacht, you will arrive here in no time. 

Torrent de Pareis is the more famous of the two, a boats striking scenery adored among photography enthusiasts. The turquoise seas are embraced by 300 meter cliffs that provide a relieving shade during intense heat, making this beach an oasis for long days of swimming and relaxing. 

Each July, a spectacular open-air concert is held here, and connects the best jazz, gospel and classic musicians - listening to the talented artists in this atmosphere is truly an incredible experience. 

The beach is about 100 meters long and is very appealing for active nature lovers. This oasis is classified as a Natural Monument and hikers love the scenic environment of the Serra de Tramuntana, while the bravest travelers will be enchanted with its incredible canyons.

Considered a hikers mecca, the canyon is not for the faint of heart. You might need a rope, the struggle is well-worth it, as the scenery is truly unique and ravishing.

Cala Sa Calobra is only 30 meters long, what it lacks in size, it surely makes up in beauty. Tucked between two imposing cliffs and boasting glittery, clear waters, this little oasis is considered amongst the greatest natural wonders in the area. A mix of pebbles and fine gravel sand makes it a little more accessible than Torrent de Pareis, but neither are really the most child-friendly spots. At Sa Calobra, you’ll find a few bars and cafes where you can take a short break from swimming and maybe grab a quick bite to eat. 

Due to its remote location, the village of Sa Calobra doesn’t offer to much activity to enjoy after adventures in its mesmerizing beaches, but if you crave some on land exploration, you can visit the 13th century Santuari De Lluc, a pilgrimage monastery that is situated in a basin on a height of vertigous 525 metres. 

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