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Sa Dragonera

A rare blend of well-preserved natural life and awe-inspiring landscapes, Sa Dragonera is a rugged island that enchants visitors with a unique setting and spectacular vistas. 

Located in southwest Mallorca in the municipality of Andratx, this captivating oasis looks like an enchanted paradise trapped in time, something like a marine Jurassic Park. The imposing rocks rise 350 meters above sea level and form a landscape like no other, perfect for visitors that need a bit more than just soft sand and clear waters to be impressed. This tiny island is just over 4 km long and measures just 900 meters at its widest point, yet boasts immense beauty that will dazzle you with natural charms. 

This natural reserve is just heaven for hikers, walkers, and wildlife enthusiasts. Named after its shape, it houses dragons of sorts, albeit tiny ones. An endemic subspecies of the lizard endemic to the Balearics has developed here and inspires souvenirs representing this animal emblematic of the island. 

Wall lizards are thriving here and attract much attention from nature-loving visitors. Birdwatching in this striking natural setting is something to look forward to as well - charge your cameras in case you spot the Eleonora falcons, who’ve established a large breeding colony here. To confirm Sa Dragonera’s status as one of the greatest spots to marvel at flora and fauna, Dragonera also boasts 400 breeding pairs of the rare Balearic shearwater birds and many other rare species. 

The uninhabited island’s rocky coasts are mostly covered with Mediterranean maquis shrubland and wild rosemary, while the orange lichen, historically manufactured to produce dye, beautifully backdrops the cobalt seas. 

To admire the scenery, take a hike to the Far Vell lighthouse found at Dragonera’s highest (353 m) point at Na Popia- the remains of the once operating lighthouses date back to the 18th century and present the perfect opportunity to admire the panoramic views. 

Sa Dragonera has an endlessly exciting history, about which you can learn more in the small interpretive center here. Pirates and smugglers used Sa Dragonera throughout time, and you can hear numerous legends regarding the islands’ lizards, mesmerizing visitors as much as they used to centuries ago. 

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