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Mercat Santa Catalina

The colorful market of Santa Catalina is an exceptional showcase of all things that make Mallorca a gourmet oasis. Founded in 1905, this sizzling market is the oldest one in the capital and boasts a cosmopolitan feel that helped this spot gain an iconic reputation that goes on its culinary offerings.

Located in the hip Palma area that bears the same name, the Mercat of Santa Catalina is an eclectic mix of premium ingredients that will provide you with everything necessary when you decide to cook an impressive dish. Offering a laid back shopping experience Monday through Saturday from 7 am until 5 pm, this charming market has over 50 stands with a wide selection of delicious Mallorcan products. 

Freshly caught fish, all types of olives, free-range meats, cheeses, sobrasada sausages, fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, and herbs are just some of the things you’ll come across when visiting this vibrant market. Friendly merchants are likely to invite you to taste some of their artisanal goods and keep you full until lunch. You’ll find amazing artisanal spreads and jams that can serve as great gifts for family and friends back home. 

There are great stalls with ready-made dishes to try when you need a break from walking around. Visit the Arume sushi bar and CO to where chef Tomeu Marti prepares some of the best fresh sashimi in town, or try the local cuisine at Parada D’9, famous for its cocas, empanadas, or cocarois. 

When you’re ready for a shot of high-quality espresso, head to Cafes Ca'n Joan where you can choose between different sorts of coffee beans from all over the world and have them ground right before your eyes for an aromatic and energizing drink. 

Enoteca Sa Roteta has a wide range of fine wines to suit your taste - make sure to get a few spare bottles to enjoy at the foredeck of your luxurious yacht when you’re ready to continue your cruise. 

Strolling through this market is a wonderful way to learn about the culture and get acquainted with the tastes and customs of traditional Mallorcan cuisine.

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