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Puerto Pollensa

A casual atmosphere with a hint of irresistible elegance makes the Port of Pollensa an ideal spot to drop your anchor and seek some much-needed relaxation. Famous for its pine-fringed beaches and never-ending stretches of fine sand, the town is one of the most scenic spots in the Balearics and has a marina that carries the same name and offers a blend of culture and understated luxury. 

Enter the world or fine maritime living and find a berth in the lovely harbor that offers the best nautical services to ensure a relaxed yachting experience. 

The allure of this stunning coastal town has been attracting visitors for decades and even inspired the famous Agatha Christie to write one of her novels, Problem at Pollensa Bay. You certainly won’t encounter a single problem during your stay here though, since any worries will soon become a matter of fiction after soothing days at sea. 

Flocked by the elites each year, Puerto Pollensa has a long-standing history as a favorite hideaway of the most admired celebrities, including Audrey Hepburn, Winston Churchill, and Elizabeth Taylor among many others. 

Turquoise seas are beautifully backdropped by the impressive mountains to create the signature look of this picturesque harbor, and due to restrictive building regulations, views are rarely interrupted by high-rise buildings. The authenticity of Port of Pollensa was lovingly maintained through centuries and will provide you with a relaxing ambiance for an unforgettable marine adventure. 

A short cruise will take you to Cap de Formentor, often referred to as the meeting point of winds.

For some on land leisure time, the abundance of swish restaurants will ensure hedonistic pleasures for even the best-traveled guests. For romantic dinners and beguiling sea-side dining, book a table at La Terraza. Creative seafood dishes in an irresistible atmosphere can be enjoyed at the Marina Beach Club, where a virtuoso chef creates meals that will leave you breathless. 

To learn more about the rich culture of this port town, visit the famous lighthouse that inspired Pablo Picasso to paint Guernica. During the Spanish Civil war, it was transformed into a military base upon the order of General Franco and served as a launching spot for German planes, attacking Guernica in Northern Spain, and leaving hundreds of victims as a result - the painter was so shocked that he, in turn, created one of his most iconic anti-war pieces. 

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