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Things to do and see

Cap Formentor

Often referred to as “the meeting point of winds'', Cap Formentor sits on the northernmost point of Mallorca. It encompasses all the beauty nature has to offer - dramatic cliffs, cobalt blue seas, and verdant pine groves. Situated in the Pollenca region, this enchanting destination attracts yachting aficionados each year who come to marvel at one of the most striking jewels of the Balearics. 

If you care for some inland adventure, Cap de Formentor has a lot to offer in that regard as well. Very popular among the cycling community, this narrow 20 km peninsula affords some of the most spectacular views, especially once you reach the historic lighthouse after the vertiginous 15 km road. The tower has a focal point 384 meters above sea level and offers an awe-inspiring look over the stunning sapphire coasts - you can visit every day between 9.30 am and 6.30 pm during the summer. If you feel like having a shot of espresso, a slice of pizza or some sweet pastries, you can take a break in the Cafeteria Far Formentor. 

Jutted from the sea like a mesmerizing beacon of freedom, Cap De Formentor is also called the Finisterre of Mallorca, or in English - land’s end. The gorgeous views have inspired numerous poets, including one of the greatest verse masters in the Catalan language, Miquel Costa I Llobera, who devoted his masterpiece Lo Pi De Formentor to this blue haven. He once even said that the place itself taught him poetry.  

The winds from the Iberian Peninsula, the Alps, the Atlantic Ocean, and North Africa have always intertwined here and had much to do with the formation of the rugged scenery. 

As for the swimming, you can choose between the Murta and Figuera coves and the iconic Formentor beach. Famous for its crystal clear waters and peculiar turquoise color, the Formentera beach was celebrated by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, and Gatsby writer, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Murta is a better option for those who crave some privacy and seclusion, as it can only be accessed by boat or a very demanding hiking trail. Cala Figuera is also wonderfully unspoiled and boasts translucent seas that are just a joy for snorkeling.

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