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Things to do and see

Cuevas del Drach

One of the greatest attractions in Mallorca and a bucket-list activity for any speleology aficionado, Cuevas del Drach are four large caves located on the east coast, that date back to the Miocene Epoch. Hidden in the beautiful maritime town of Porto Cristo, the enchanting limestone caves have been attracting visitors for decades who come to marvel at the almost surreal atmosphere and beauty. 

Also known as The Dragon Caves, they were first mentioned in a letter in 1338 and later mapped out by Edouard Martel in the 19th century. 

One of the greatest underground lakes in the world, named after the French geologist, is here and houses a spectacular classical music concert, part of the guided tour since 1935. Lake Martel is 115 m in length and 30 m in width and is considered among the most beautiful on Earth. Inside, you’ll be able to enjoy a 10-minute long classical music concert, a real spectacle for the ears. 

Musicians will play the “Barcarole, Les Contes D'Hoffmann” composed by Jacques Offenbach while cruising on a boat through the lake - visitors are asked to take a seat. 

The electric lights installed just further accentuate the dreamy atmosphere, while the sounds of the cello, harpsichord, and two violins fill the space with an echo that mixes with water dripping from the stalactites and stalagmites. 

Make sure to carry a light sweater inside and appropriate shoes, as it can get quite slippery and cold. The humidity reaches 80% and the temperature is about 20-celsius degrees. 

Jules Verne was just as impressed by the Cuevas del Drach as you’ll be - he even mentioned them in his book, “Clovis Dartetor”. 

The four caves - The Black Cave, White Cave, Cave of Luis Salvador, and Cave of the French, are connected to each other and extend to a depth of 25 meters, reaching almost 4 km in length. A sight not to be missed, they are one of the few 200 Balearic caves open for public visits. 

After this unforgettable experience, you can have a stroll by the sea or enjoy a picnic in mark areas nearby. There is also a small cafe that serves refreshments, as well as a souvenir shop with t-shirts, key chains, and magnets. 

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