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Things to do and see

Hiking in Sa Calobra

A picturesque bay with dramatic sights, Sa Calobra is located in the Escorca municipality. With limestone cliffs jutting from two stunning beaches divided by a river gorge, Sa Calobra is a picture-perfect destination for both those looking to admire the beauty of the surroundings as well as the adventurous visitors looking for some thrilling activity. 

The striking environment and winding roads have made it something of a pilgrimage for hikers and cyclists. While the hike is not for the faint of heart, the alluring sights make it worth the struggle - bring your own rope and let the journey begin. 

Torrent de Pareis - a set of two canyons - are among the most popular, yet also the most demanding hiking feats on the Mallorcan island only recommended for the experienced and brave hikers. Popular for its 300 meters high rugged cliffs and untamed nature, the hike affords some of the most spectacular views of the Balearics. You will definitely need your hiking boots and it’s advisable to bring a 10-meter rope, as some parts are rather challenging and dangerous. 

Declared a natural monument for the unique peculiarities, the Torrent de Pareis is considered one of the bucket-list activities for mountaineers visiting the island. The hike from Escorca to Sa Calobra should take you about 4 hours and it’s worth noting the descent from the 600 meters can be even more demanding than the rise itself. 

The most daring hikers will love checking the most perilous point, Pas de S’Estaló, greatly improved by a team of volunteers but still very risky. 

It’s advisable to start your hike between May and September and leave it for another day after heavy rainfall, as the beds get full of water, making the road slippery and causing numerous accidents. 

Cycling through the winding road that is considered a masterpiece of the Italian-Spanish engineer Antonio Parietti, who also designed the vertiginous road in Cap Formentor, is worth considering. Hailed the “perfect cycling climb” by Cycling Weekly, the looping hairpins, steady climbs, and incredible scenery make it among the most popular places to turn your wheels in Europe. 

But the most beautiful view of Sa Calobra, as you can imagine, is unbeatable from your yacht! 

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