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Things to do and see

Explore Palma de Mallorca

The capital of Mallorca is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. A metropolis with stunning architecture, a pleasant Mediterranean climate, and a bustling atmosphere, Palma has everything one could wish for in a city. If you choose to start your journey in this stunning city, make sure to spend time exploring its rich cultural heritage and exciting activities it has to offer. 

La Seu

What Duomo is to Milan, La Seu is for Palma. This Gothic cathedral was completed in 1601 and represents one of the most important historical monuments in Europe. This impressive landmark is located in the heart of the old city, just by Parc de la Mar, and is famous for its stained glass windows, thanks to which it's often referred to as the "Cathedral of light." In the 20th Century, arguably the most famous architect of all time, Antoni Gaudi, left his finishing touches. 

Bellver Castle

Adorned with fragrant pine trees and perched on a hill in West Palma, Castell de Bellver represents one of the few circular castles in Europe. The 14th Century castle affords some of the best views of the city, and the Tramuntana range from a panoramic summit. There is also a magnificent museum with artifacts witnessing the island's Roman, Arab, and Spanish eras. During the summer season, Bellver Castle hosts numerous concerts and music events. 

Visit the squares

Boasting stunning architecture that merges different styles, Palma has many beautiful Squares to visit on balmy summer days. Walk through the vibrant pedestrian Calle de San Miguel to reach the Paseo del Borne. Shop for flowers while you stroll through La Rambla, and finally visit the largest tree in the Eden-like Botanical Garden. 

Experience the cuisine of Mallorca

The lovely Mediterranean island is well-known for mouthwatering food. Visit some of the top restaurants in Palma to explore the tasty flavors of fresh seafood, organic herbs, and spices and enjoy the lively atmosphere. For a more relaxed urban atmosphere, book a table in Vandal. Forn de Sant Joan is a superb choice for any occasion where you can dine in a historic building, while Bahia Mediterraneo offers a stylish ambiance with palatable gastronomy. 

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