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Ses Fonts Ufanes

One of the most incredible natural phenomenons of the Balearic Island, Ses Fonts Ufanes is an intermittent spring and hydro-geological curiosity that is directly linked to the heavy rainfall in Campanet. The underground water flows from the Puig Tomir mountain to the base of l’Albufera - Sant Miquel stream and creates a peculiar “Flat Geysir,” a curiosity unique to Mallorca. Surrounded by the dramatic peeks of Serra de Tramuntana, Ses Fonts Ufanes is a wonderful place to visit if you happen to be visiting in the winter or fall. 

This astounding and mysterious curiosity takes place in the verdant Campanet forest. Although it seems that the “disappearing river” magically bubbles up from the ground, it’s just an overflow from the nearby river that swells after rain, surprising the capacity of her underground chamber. Nevertheless, it is still an incredible sight to see, tucked away in the Gabellí Petit finca (public estate). The flood that reaches the holm oak trees creates one of the most unusual occurrences that fascinate visitors regardless of age. 

After a 20 minute walk through the enchanted woods, you’ll reach this hidden natural jewel that was recently marked as a UNESCO site. 

If, by any chance, your cruise is interrupted by rain - you are actually in luck. This natural water source with intermittent outcrops that sprout diffusely, with a potent and almost violent flow, only happens after the consecutive rainy days. Depending on the amount of precipitation that has fallen, anywhere from 3000 and 100 000 cubic metres of water a second can burst out of the ground. At first, tiny gaps almost seamlessly become filled with water - only moments later, they turn into a dramatic stream sprawling from the mountain. 

Even though water is not always present - on sunny days, you won’t be able to witness the magic at work - the walk through the lush forest is still worth your time. A lovely activity for nature enthusiasts, it can be a fun way to spend the day with family and kids. You might come across many people meditating to the soothing sounds of the river and birdsongs or having picnics with friends. 

Ses Fonts Ufanes makes for a pleasant day excursion. The protected natural reserve is open every day between 10 am and 5 pm, but make sure to arrive early, especially after heavy rain, if you want to avoid crowds.

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