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A scenic village tucked away in the Tramuntana mountain range, Esporles provides a glimpse into the traditional Mallorcan way of life. Mercifully spared from touristic overdevelopment, this picturesque spot is situated in the west of the island and has maintained its authentic charms through centuries. 

This gorgeous village is perfect for a day trip when you need a change of scenery. Striking mountain views, lush nature, and a zen-inducing atmosphere will be ideal for a romantic rustic break. 

In spite of having just 4,500 inhabitants, Esporles offers an abundance of choices for engaging activities. The most famous landmark is La Granja, a vast historic mansion that dates back to the 10th century, surrounded by verdant nature, fragrant gardens, and striking fountains with natural basins. Originally a farm, this “finca” was converted into an ethnographic museum where you can learn about traditions and customs of the days gone by. 

The village itself is divided into two regions: Villanova and Villavella, which locals often refer to as Esporleri and Esporlerina. 

To admire the architectural gems, make time to visit the gothic church dating back to 1248 with an oratory dedicated to Sant Crist de la Pois, a patron saint of the textile industry that was once blossoming in this charming region. 

The glittery streams with picturesque bridges will allow you to enjoy the lush surrounding and beautiful nature. If you find yourself enjoying the marvelous sights, visit the vineyard of Es Verger to succumb to the temptations of organic wine produced here - don’t forget to get a few spare bottles to enjoy on the foredeck of your yacht later on. 

Of course, a true hedonist vacation isn’t complete without testing out local food. Head to the Mesón La Villa to taste the region’s main specialties, Lechazos y Cochinillos, or young suckling pig and piglets. Located just by the town hall, this family-run restaurant is almost emblematic of the village and boasts an inimitable atmosphere where you can taste the best of Castilian gastronomy.

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