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A place with a special energy, Lluc is the home of the most famous sanctuary in Mallorca tucked away near the verdant Puig de Massanella and Tramuntana mountains. The name derives from “lucus”, meaning “holy wood” and this gorgeous site is the birthplace of many legends, one of which claims that a shepherd and a monk stumbled upon a picture of the Virgin of Lluc on an afternoon walk, only to donate it the old parish church of Sant Pere, but the picture returned to its original home - by itself. Many miracles allegedly took place here, and a visit to this tranquil monastery is a miraculous experience on its own.

Situated in the municipality of Escorca, this pilgrimage site sits in a basin of 525 metres, allowing stunning views of the enchanting environments and tranquil nature. 

Sanctuary of Lluc has a long standing history, with an ornate chapel that dates back to 1268 and an architectural complex that many go to when needing to cleanse the soul or just spend some time in prayer and contemplation.

The boys choir Els Blauets, named after the blue cassocks the singers wear, was founded in 1531 and gained worldwide recognition. While visiting, you can listen to their meloding songs as the choir holds regular concerts. 

Santuari de Lluc leases monk’s cells to visitors, a recreational area surrounded by a holm-oak grove and Ca s'Amitger, the interpretation centre of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

During your visit, you can take glimpse in to the site’s rich heritage in the museum that overlooks a fragrant Magnolia Garden, and after that pick up some souvenirs at the shop or grab a bite to eat at the famous bakery that sells Mallorcan delicacies such as ensaimadas and coques de verdura. Several restaurants, such as Font Coberta, C’Amitger and Sa Fonda serve mouth-watering cuisine, and the word says that the lamb served here is the best in the Mediterranean. 

Lluc also has a marvelous botanical garden, where you can stretch your feet after lunch while marveling at the lush surroundings of indiginous Balearic flowers, trees and plants.

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