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Villages to visit

Santa Maria del Camí

A rustic village situated at the foot of the impressive Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, this vibrant town is perfect for a romantic getaway in an authentic Mallorcan setting.

Located close to the Binissalem municipality and hailed as the main winemaking region of the island, Santa Maria is a bucket-list destination for any aspiring sommelier and wine aficionado. 

The ancient town is perfect for those looking to explore the countryside, yet remain close to the capital. With awe-inspiring nature and architecture, you can enjoy cycling and hiking in the scenic trails or simply admire the environment of this small town from the terrace of numerous bars and cafes located in historic mansions. 

Every alley of this idyllic spot is drenched in history, backdropped by stunning natural sights with almond and olive groves that make every photo snap a masterpiece. 

Home to Bujosa Textil, one of the few remaining factories of “roba de llengues”, traditional colorful cloth linen used for decor with interesting patterns, Santa Maria is a great place to pick up souvenirs to bring home after your unforgettable vacation in the Balearics. 

With stunning vineyards and bodegas, every wine enthusiast will thoroughly enjoy a visit to this lively town. Macia Batle cellar, dating back to 1856, is very close by and presents an ideal opportunity to taste the best velvet reds of the island while marveling at the scenic surroundings juxtaposed by the Tramontana mountains. 

Each Sunday, Santa Maria turns into a shopping mecca when the iconic market, one of the best in Mallorca, takes place on the stunning squares of this bustling town. Local artisans showcase their stunning products, the crowd looks for a bargain, and the fragrance of fresh produce lingers in the air, creating a unique experience.

To confirm Santa Maria’s status as a hedonist’s dream town, numerous restaurants offer gourmet specialties that will awaken all your senses. Moli des Torrent is the most iconic option, set in a traditional windmill with a marvelous patio shaded by lush trees, where you can taste artfully prepared Mediterranean dishes. 

On the main street, you’ll find the upscale Bistro 19 by Livingdreams, part of the furniture concept store, where you can dine in a shabby-chic ambiance and share some tapas with family and friends.

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