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Villages to visit


If you’re looking to take a break after enjoying the turquoise waters of Port De Soller, just 3 km inland from this marine oasis you’ll find the stunning Mediterranean town nestled in the “valley of oranges”. 

Made out of narrow streets adorned with stunning villas with traditional green shutters, Soller became famous thanks to the export of citrus fruits in the 19th century, when the oranges were shipped to France via Port De Soller. Some inhabitants went to work in France, only to return to their hometown after acquiring wealth and building the striking Modernista villas that add a special allure to this striking Mallorcan town. 

For a leisurely spent day, you can take a stroll around the main square, Plaza de la Constitución, which boasts a variety of cafes and shops with an unhurried atmosphere. Dominated by the impressive gothic St Bartholomew church, built in imposing gray-colored limestone, the square has several attractions that will keep you occupied on your afternoon stroll. Make sure to visit Can Prunera, a modern art museum set in an art deco building where you can see works of the greats such as Picasso, Miro, Matisse, Basquiat, Rusiñol, and Magritte.

Balearic Museum of Natural Sciences and Jardi Botanical gardens are other places worth visiting, especially if you’re traveling with little ones. 

In late August, Plaza de la Constitucion becomes the setting for one of the most entertaining festivities. The five-day celebration of Saint Bartholomew includes open-air concerts, exhibitions, and sporting competitions, and on the last day, the party continues late into the night with live music and street dancing. 

If you feel like leaving the center to enjoy some marine scenery, take the vintage tram that connects the square to the Port the Soller and is itself one of the town’s greatest attractions. 

Although walking around this scenic village you’re bound to encounter lovely eateries by pure chance, if you’d like to book a table at an upscale restaurant, consider choosing Salvia, where you can experience fine Mediterranean cuisine in a fine setting. To enjoy some seaside dining, head to Port De Soller and try the gastronomic fusion at Agapanto Flor del Amor. 

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