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Villages to visit


Capturing the hearts of numerous visitors with lush verdant forests and honey-colored blonde stone houses, Valldemossa is among the most alluring spots in Mallorca that preserved its authentic appeal in spite of increasing tourist development. The rich nature makes it popular among cyclists and hikers who enjoy marveling at the beauty of the environment, while those looking for a tranquil break often visit Valldemossa to explore the Real Cartuja, the Carthusian Monastery once frequented by Frederic Chopin and George Sand. 

The cobbled lanes are lined with olive, pine, and almond trees, leaving a lingering scent in the summer breeze. On your stroll through the town, you’ll discover the streets are dotted with cafes, shops, and restaurants where you can take a short break to refresh with an Aperol in hand. The doors are often adorned with beautiful flowers and portraits of Saint Catalina Thomàs, the first saint to be born in Mallorca. 

The aristocratic charms of Valldemossa caught the attention of famous actor Michael Douglas who opened a cultural center that will make a fun activity during your stay. Costa Nord hosts tours on Mallorcan history and culture, starting with a documentary narrated by the actor, and produced by the same team responsible for the success of The Gladiator. The history lesson will be watered down with a tasting of the finest Mallorcan products and a display of traditional dances of the region. 

The most strenuous hikers will enjoy a hike to the Puig des Teix, one of the most challenging Tramontana peaks to reach. The trekking will take you almost 5 hours, but you’ll be awarded mesmerizing vistas of the incredible natural surrounding.

On Sundays, you can shop for traditional Mallorcan products at the colorful market that takes place weekly. Fresh products, handmade jewelry, and delicacies are just some of the things to buy here. 

At the Real Cartuja, you’ll discover a Chopin’s room left in its original state, with his piano on display for classic music lovers. This 13th-century monastery also has an old pharmacy, and you can also take a glimpse into the old library where Monks were allowed to talk once a week for 30 minutes only. 

This picturesque village boasts numerous restaurants to choose from when going out for a celebratory meal. Restaurante Valldemossa is famous for its gastronomic achievements that you can enjoy on a nice terrace overlooking the Tramuntana mountains, while for a Michelin-approved experience, you can book a table at Es Raco d'es Teix, where you can try the Black Pig, the Roasted Suckling Lamb, and the Cod Au Gratin.

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