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How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Yacht? Everything You Need to Know

The allure of the open seas, the luxury of a private vessel, and the promise of unforgettable adventures – chartering a yacht is the epitome of opulence and a dream for many. As the yachting industry continues to evolve, it offers a range of experiences from serene sailing yachts to majestic mega yachts. But one question remains at the forefront for many enthusiasts and first-time charterers alike: How much does it truly cost to charter a yacht?

Whether you're planning a lavish vacation, a special celebration, or simply curious about the world of yacht chartering, understanding the costs involved is crucial. This guide aims to provide clarity on yacht charter pricing, breaking down the various components that contribute to the overall cost, ensuring you're well-prepared for this luxurious endeavor.

Understanding the basic costs of yacht chartering

Chartering a yacht is more than just renting a boat; it's about experiencing the pinnacle of luxury and personalized service. But before diving into this world, it's essential to grasp the foundational elements of yacht charter costs.

Base price:

At its core, every yacht charter has a base price. This is the starting rate for renting the vessel, typically quoted as a weekly rate. It's important to note that the base price often reflects the yacht's size, age, brand, and onboard amenities.

Additional costs:

Beyond the base price, there are several other expenses to consider. These can include:

  • Food and beverages: Depending on the charter type, provisions for meals and drinks might be separate. Some charters offer all-inclusive packages, while others operate on an "advance provisioning allowance" system, where a budget is set for food, drinks, and other consumables.

  • Fuel: The fuel cost can vary based on the yacht's size, speed, and the distance traveled during the charter.

  • Dockage fees: Depending on your itinerary, there might be fees associated with docking at certain marinas or ports.

  • Crew gratuity: While not mandatory, it's customary in many regions to tip the crew for their service, usually ranging from 10% to 20% of the charter fee.

Understanding these basics provides a clearer picture of what to expect when budgeting for a yacht charter, ensuring there are no surprises and that every moment aboard is a cherished one.

Yacht charter pricing structures

When it comes to chartering a yacht, there isn't a one-size-fits-all pricing model. Instead, the industry offers different pricing structures to cater to various preferences and needs. Here are the primary structures you'll encounter:

All-inclusive charters:

As the name suggests, all-inclusive charters bundle most of the expenses into a single rate. This typically covers the yacht, crew, meals, standard alcoholic beverages, and sometimes even water sports equipment.

  • Where it's common: These are predominantly found with catamarans and monohull charters, especially in destinations like the Caribbean, Turkey and Greece.
  • What to consider: While it offers a hassle-free experience, it's essential to check what's included and what might be billed separately, such as premium drinks or specific excursions.

Plus expenses charters (or "MYBA" terms):

This structure covers the yacht's base price, with other costs billed separately. These plus expenses charters can include food, drinks, fuel, and port fees.

  • Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA): Often, charterers provide an APA, which is a percentage of the base charter fee (typically around 25-40%). This fund covers the additional expenses, and any unspent amount is returned to the charterer at the end of the trip.
  • Where it's common: This pricing model is standard for most crewed luxury yachts for charter.
  • What to consider: It offers more flexibility in terms of food choices, itinerary, and other preferences. However, charterers should be prepared for a detailed end-of-charter settlement based on actual expenses.

Average yacht charter costs

The cost of chartering a yacht can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of yacht, its size, and the region. Here's a general breakdown of what you might expect from different yacht categories:

1. Sailing yachts: These traditional yachts rely primarily on sails, offering a serene and authentic sailing experience. When considering chartering a sailing yacht, prices can start from a few thousand euros for smaller vessels and can go up to tens of thousands for larger, luxury variants.

2. Catamarans: With their dual-hull design, catamarans are known for stability and spaciousness, making them a popular choice for family charters. The cost of chartering a catamaran can range from mid-thousands to high tens of thousands of euros per week, depending on size and luxury levels.

3. Motor yachts (including Mega yachts and Superyachts): Offering speed, luxury, and a range of amenities, motor yachts are a favorite among those seeking a lavish experience. For those interested in a motor yacht charter, prices can start from tens of thousands of euros and can soar into the hundreds of thousands or even millions for the ultra-luxurious mega and super yachts.

Please be aware that the figures mentioned are broad approximations. The final costs can differ based on the specific yacht, its amenities, and the season. For a more detailed breakdown, refer to our tables below. If you're seeking a precise quote tailored to your needs, we encourage you to reach out to our experts. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you receive the best charter experience possible.

Factors influencing yacht charter costs

Chartering a yacht is a bespoke experience, and as such, the costs can vary significantly based on a myriad of factors. Here's a deeper dive into the elements that can influence the overall price of your yacht charter:

1. Type and size of the yacht: Whether you're interested in a serene sailing yacht, a spacious catamaran, or a luxurious motor yacht, the type and size of the vessel play a significant role in determining the cost.

Here's a breakdown of average weekly rates and notable features for different yacht types and sizes:

Sailing Yachts between 20m and 30m can range from anything between 15,000 € to 60,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

Sailing Yachts between 30m and 40m can range from anything between 40,000 € to 140,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

Sailing Yachts between 40m and 60m can range from anything between 90,000 € to 350,000 € per week ( excluding any expenses or taxes ) 

Catamarans between 15m and 20m can range from anything between 15,000 € to 50,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

Catamarans between 20m and 30m can range from anything between 25,000 € to 90,000 € per week ( excluding any expenses or taxes ). 

Catamarans between 30m and 50m can range from anything between 55,000 € to 490,000 € per week ( excluding any expenses or taxes ). 

Motor Yachts between 20m and 30m can range from anything between 20,000 € to 120,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

Motor Yachts between 30m and 40m can range from anything between 40,000 € to 250,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

Motor Yachts between 40m and 60m can range from anything between 60,000 € to 600,000 € per week (excluding any expenses or taxes).

2. Duration of the charter: The length of your charter, whether it's a day, a week, or longer, will directly impact the overall cost. Most yachts are chartered on a weekly basis, but there are options for shorter or extended durations.

3. Destination and itinerary: The region you choose to explore can influence the price. Some destinations might have higher port fees, while others offer more affordable cruising grounds. Additionally, longer itineraries that cover greater distances can result in higher fuel costs.

4. Season and demand: Peak yachting seasons, such as the summer months in the Mediterranean or the winter in the Caribbean, can see higher charter rates due to increased demand. Conversely, off-peak seasons might offer more competitive prices.

5. Crewed yacht charter costs and services: A fully crewed charter provides a luxury experience with a captain, chef, and other staff members catering to your needs. The number and expertise of the crew, as well as any additional services like a private gourmet chef or onboard entertainment, can add additional costs to the crewed yacht charters.

6. Additional activities: Specialized equipment for water sports, diving excursions, or onshore tours can also influence the overall price, depending on whether they're included or come at an extra charge.

Additional costs to consider

While the base of the yacht charter fees covers the cost of renting the yacht, there are often additional expenses that you should be aware of. These can include:

Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA):

This is a percentage of the charter fee, typically around 25-40%, set aside to cover expenses such as fuel, food, beverages, and port fees. At the end of the charter, you'll either be refunded any unspent amount or be required to pay any additional costs that exceed the APA.

Taxes and VAT:

Depending on the region or country where you're chartering, there might be local taxes or Value Added Tax (VAT) applied to the charter fee. These taxes can vary significantly between countries and regions. For instance, in some parts of the Mediterranean, the VAT can be as high as 22%, while in other areas, it might be much lower or even non-existent. It's essential to factor in these costs when budgeting for your yacht charter.


Depending on your itinerary and the type of yacht, fuel can be a significant expense. For instance, motor yachts, known for their speed and luxury, tend to consume more fuel than sailing yachts or catamarans.

Docking and mooring fees:

Depending on your itinerary, there might be fees associated with docking at marinas or mooring in certain areas. These fees can vary based on the size of the yacht and the location.

Food and beverages:

While some charters include a standard menu in the base price, you might incur additional charges if you have specific dining requests or premium beverages.


Using onboard communications systems, like satellite phones or the internet, might result in additional charges, however, in most cases these are nowadays included in the rate.


It's customary to tip the crew at the end of a charter, usually around 10-20% of the charter fee, depending on the service quality.

Water sports and activities:

While many yachts come equipped with standard water sports equipment, some specialized activities, water toys or equipment might come at an extra charge.

It's crucial to discuss and understand all potential costs upfront when planning your yacht charters. This ensures there are no surprises, and you can budget accordingly. If you have specific questions or need clarity on what's included in your charter fee, we recommend contacting our specialists.


FAQ about yacht charter costs

What is the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA)?

The APA is an additional fee, usually around 25-40% of the charter cost, set aside to cover variable expenses like fuel, food, beverages, and port fees. At the end of your charter, any unspent amount from the APA is refunded, while any expenses exceeding the APA are charged additionally.

Is insurance included in the yacht charter cost?

Typically, the yacht's insurance is included in the charter fee. However, charterers might consider taking out additional travel or liability insurance for added peace of mind.

Are there any discounts available for extended yacht charters?

Some owners will consider offering discounts for longer charter durations. It's always a good idea to inquire about any available promotions or discounts when booking.

Can I choose the yacht's itinerary?

Absolutely! While there are recommended itineraries, the beauty of a private yacht charter is the flexibility it offers. You can customize the route based on your interests and desired destinations.

Are crew tips included in the charter fee?

No, crew tips are not included in the charter fee. It's customary to tip the crew at the end of the charter when reviewing your yacht charter expenses.

How much should I tip the crew on a luxury crewed charter like a super yacht or mega yacht?

When chartering luxury crewed yacht charters, the standard tip is usually around 10-20% of the charter fee, based on the service quality.

What happens if there's bad weather during the yacht charter?

Safety is paramount. In case of adverse weather conditions, the captain might adjust the itinerary to ensure the safety and comfort of all onboard.

Are water toys and activities included in the yacht charter cost?

Many yachts come equipped with standard water toys. However, specialized activities or equipment might come at an extra charge.

Do I need any sailing experience to charter a yacht?

If you're chartering a crewed yacht, no sailing experience is required, the professional crew will handle everything. However, if you're considering a bareboat charter, you'll need relevant sailing qualifications and experience.

Are children allowed on yacht charters?

Yes, children are welcome on most yacht charters. Many yachts are family-friendly and come equipped with safety features and amenities for younger guests.

What is the difference between a crewed yacht charter and a bareboat charter?

A crewed yacht charter comes with a professional crew, including a captain, chef, and other staff members, who cater to your needs. A bareboat charter, on the other hand, is where you rent the yacht without any crew and sail it yourself.

Can I bring my own food and drinks on board?

While many yacht charters offer catering options, you're typically free to bring your food and beverages. Some yachts might have policies about certain types of food or drinks, so it's best to check in advance.

How far in advance should I book my yacht charter?

Popular destinations and peak seasons can get booked up quickly, so it's advisable to book your charter several months in advance. However, last-minute bookings are also possible, depending on availability.

What is the cancellation policy for yacht charters?

Cancellation policies can vary between charter companies. It's essential to understand the terms and conditions, including any penalties for canceling or rescheduling, before booking.

Are pets allowed on yacht charters?

Policies about pets can vary. While some yachts might be pet-friendly, others might have restrictions. Always inquire about pet policies when considering a particular yacht.

Is there Wi-Fi on board?

Many modern yachts offer Wi-Fi and other communication facilities. However, the strength and availability of the connection can vary depending on the yacht and the cruising area.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a party or event?

Renting a yacht for a party or event can vary in cost depending on several factors, including the size and type of the yacht, the duration of the event, the number of guests, and any additional services or amenities required.

Why are yachts so expensive to charter?

Chartering a yacht involves various costs that contribute to the overall price. These include the maintenance and upkeep of the yacht, crew salaries, insurance, and the luxury amenities and services provided on board. Additionally, yachts are significant investments, often featuring state-of-the-art technology, high-end finishes, and bespoke interiors. The exclusivity and unique experience of a private yacht charter, combined with the operational expenses, justify the premium pricing.

For any other specific questions or to get a tailored quote for your desired yacht charter experience, don't hesitate to contact our specialists at SNS Yacht Charter Mallorca.

Conclusion: Navigating the waters of yacht chartering

Throughout this guide, we've delved deep into the factors that influence the cost of chartering a yacht. From the type and size of the vessel to the duration of the charter, destination, season, and additional services, each element plays a crucial role in shaping your yachting experience. But beyond the costs, the true essence of yacht chartering lies in the unparalleled luxury, freedom, and unique experiences it offers.

Have you ever imagined watching the sunset from the deck of a luxury yacht, with the sea breeze gently caressing your face? Or waking up to the gentle lull of waves in a secluded bay? The world of yacht chartering can turn these dreams into reality.


Ready to embark on a journey of a lifetime? Discover the best luxury yacht charter options for you and set sail toward unforgettable memories.


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