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Things to do and see

Wineries in Mallorca

Cruising through the Balearic seas presents plenty of opportunities to enjoy both on your yacht and on land. If you’re looking for a romantic way to spend the day and have a change of sceneries, why not visit one of the picturesque bodegas and vineyards Mallorca has to offer? Choosing just a few is an incredibly difficult feat, as the island has over 700 wine producers that put a huge amount of love, care, and experience to produce some of the best whites, roses, and reds in the world. 

Bodega Ribas

Founded in the beginning of the 18th century and located in the scenic village of Consell, this family-run winery was single handedly responsible for reestablishing a practically extinguished Gargollas variety and is famous for producing some of the best Mantonegro and Prensal wines. Organized tours of the winery with a friendly guide who will explain the traditions of the winery and the production process is a lovely way to spend the day. Olive oil and wine tastings are included, and you’ll get to see the old family estate Finca Ca’n Ribas from 1711, the original cellar, and over 40 hectares of land. Pick up a bottle of the fine Viognier white to enjoy from the foredeck of your yacht at sunset. 

Vins Miquel Gelabert

This picturesque vineyard is famous for their Sa Vall Selecció Privada white, created by blending the prensal blanc, chardonnay, and muscat variety, and cherished by the most experienced sommeliers. Led by a couple who connected over their love of wine, Vins Miquel Gelabert , makes for an idyllic excursion just 10 minutes from the city of Manacor. 

Bodegas Jose L Ferrer

Thanks to ideal weather conditions, pure air coming from the Tramuntana mountain range, and the sea, all of Mallorca is a winemaking paradise, yet the Binissalem region simply steals the show. Organized tours of the rustic wine cellar and gorgeous vineyards will give you a glimpse into the process that goes into the creation of the finest bottles of the region. Enjoy the carefully selected tasting paired with gourmet specialties, such as caviar sandwiches and Frito Mallorquín. After visiting, many wish to book the estate for private events - you’ll be pleased to hear that weddings can be organized here!

Vins Nadal 

A bodega established in 1932, Vins Nadal is an enchanting winery whose main focus is on creating aromatic wines in a sustainable, eco-friendly, and organic manner. Walk around the chic estate and have a tasting of their stellar vins. Since no pesticides and herbicides are used in the production, you’re unlikely to have a headache even after you’ve had one glass too many - try their delicious Albaflor White. It’s to die for!

Bodega Biniagual

Experience a wonderful tasting with insights into the winemaking process on a finca so stylish it deserves its own Vogue issue. Located in the heart of Mallorca, Bodega Biniagual offers wine tasting paired with delicious tapas, delicious olive oil, and cheese. Afterward, you can purchase a few bottles, delicious jams, and, depending on the season, some fresh fruit. We recommend the Gran Veran from 2015. If you love rosé, try their Rosat is just as pale as the most prestigious wines from South France.

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